December 22, 2015


Sarah Palin Gets Tina Fey Back (Sort Of) with '30 Rock' Parody: Watch

Sarah Palin is out in the world promoting a new book, Sweet Freedom: A Devotional, and decided to turn the tables on her longtime Saturday Night Live satirist, Tina Fey, with a minute-long parody of 30 Rock, titled… wait for it… 31 Rock!

The sorta-clever, highly strange spoof stars Palin as a Liz Lemon doppelgänger named Lynn Melon, who runs around manically yelling about coffee and Star Wars. 30 Rock's Kevin Brown pops up (hey, Dotcom!), as does Lindsey Graham as the new page (RIP Lindsey Graham's president campaign).

And then there's John McCain, who shows up to don his best Alec Baldwin impression. Remember 2008? We sure do.

The satire ends with 31 Rock "maybe premiering next year," which probably won't happen, but you never know! Graham certainly could make his schedule work…