December 22, 2015


Stone Temple Pilots Release Musical Tribute To Scott Weiland

The remaining members of Stone Temple Pilots have honored the late Scott Weiland with a musical tribute: a never-before-heard version of "Atlanta," a standout from the band's 1999 album, No. 4.

"Recently the three of us sat down together to share our memories of Scott and take a moment to reflect on the amazing times we shared," guitarist Dean DeLeo, bassist Robert DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz told Rolling Stone in a statement about the release. "We put the master up of a song called 'Atlanta' from the No. 4 record that we feel really highlights the true brilliance of Scott. We would like to share it with you."

The video shows Kretz and the DeLeos at a soundboard, tinkering with "Atlanta" and discussing the song as Weiland's voice is heard in the background. The clip is called "Memories of Candle and Incense," a lyrical passage from "Atlanta."

"Dean and Eric and I wanted to honor Scott, and we thought the best way to do that would be musically," Robert DeLeo says in the clip. "We chose this song because we feel it represents one of the times in our career that Scott was truly at his best."

Following Weiland's Dec. 3 death, his three STP band mates released a statement, describing the singer as "gifted beyond words." Stone Temple Pilots' album and track sales have seen a sharp spike since the frontman's passing.