December 7, 2015


The 20 Best Songs of 2015

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There are millions of songs released every year, and compiling a list of our favorite 20 was no easy task. With some rock, pop, hip hop, country, metal, R&B, dance and (hell yeah!) K-pop, however, we’ve tried to compile a collection of songs that represent the very best of what popular and unpopular music had to offer in 2015.

Check out the Fuse staff’s picks for the 20 best songs of 2015, from Adele to BIGBANG, from “512” to “679.”

Words from Jeff Benjamin, Maria Sherman, Zach Dionne, Jason Lipshutz and Mark Sundstrom

#1Fetty Wap feat. Monty, “679”

Below, check out Fuse's video roundup of artists picking their favorite songs of 2015:

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