December 14, 2015


The Starting Line Releasing First New Music Since 2007

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

The pop-punk nostalgia and emo revival continues. Today it's "Best Of Me" boys the Starting Line. These palm-muted greats haven't released new material since 2007's Direction and it's about damn time. Eight years is long enough, right?

The guys have promised a new 7-inch titled Anyways. It'll be released on February 5, 2016 which kind of feels like an eternity from now but we're in luck...a new song will drop this Thursday (Dec. 17). Get those feelings ready!

Frontman Kenny Vasoli told Philly Voice a little bit about the release:

"It's still punk rock. We're always going to sound like the Starting Line. I feel like I've stepped back far enough that I can really identify with what I liked about pop-punk and what I appreciate about it now."

We can't wait. When you're done marking your calendars, check out our list of the 11 strongest pop-punk debuts of all time and take our quiz: How Pop-Punk Are You? If emo is more of your thing, we've got a quiz for that, too.