December 10, 2015


#TBT 2004: Watch a Teenaged Skrillex Debate The Meaning of "Emo"

Before Skrillex was collaborating with Diplo and Justin Bieber to record some of the biggest pop songs of the year; before he was touring the planet; before he was making bank with DJ gigs... Skrillex was Sonny Moore. And Sonny Moore was something of an emo heartthrob.

Bear with us, here. When Moore was a teenager, he fronted a post-hardcore band called From First to Last. FFTL would release albums with titles like Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count, and In the above clip from 2004, we see Moore explaining what "emo" means.

He says, "There have been emo bands for so long. Listen to Simon & Garfunkel, man. That's emo! That's Dashboard [Confessional.]"

Bask in the glory of this throwback clip, then take our quiz: How Emo Are You?