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Best of 2015

The 10 Best Viral Moments & Memes of 2015

From a rat taking his pizza to go and a dress of unknown color to parodies of Drake's "Hotline Bling" and Adele's "Hello," here's the best Internet that 2015 had to offer

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"Why You Always Lying"

The greatest meme of the year, hands down, belongs to "Why You Always Lying," by 21-year-old Internet maestro Nicholas Fraser. Someone needs to give this dude like a million dollars; he's clearly too smart and too great for this earth. Not only was the Vine that went viral thanks to a re-interpolation of Next's "Too Close" hilarious, the full version of the clip is equally as great. Ever wonder if someone's not telling you the truth? Send 'em this bad boy. It'll do all the work.

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"Hotline Bling"

Not only was Drake's "Hotline Bling" a standout song of the year, the single sparked a movement when that video dropped: Boy howdy, did the Internet try its hand at re-positioning Drizzy's asymmetrical dance moves. In fact, we made a list of the best parodies, you can peep them here. Maybe sure you start with Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, first.

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Pizza Rat

As residents of New York City we'll be the first to tell you: This place can be pretty disgusting. Our wild life is literally just rats and great slices of pizza, but this town of millions transfixed the world when those two entities were combined this year. When pizza rat happened this year, it was only further validation that in all the grime of NYC, there's some beauty to be found.

4 / 10

Left Shark

Katy Perry's Super Bowl performance was one for the history books, and let's be honest: That's mostly because of left shark. She teamed up with a pair of backup dancers halfway through her hits-packed medley, but only one of them could actually hit those marks...and thus, a wonderful meme was born.

5 / 10


When Adele emerged with "Hello," the world listened. Our queen was back! The single is somber, slow and sincere...all of our favorite things about Adele. It is also way, way too easy to parody, and the Internet knows it. They really, really do.

6 / 10

Netflix & Chill

How did anyone get it on before Netflix? How did we even talk about getting it on without Netflix?

7 / 10

Mariah Carey, Dragon Warrior


Mariah Carey has a voice to put all other singers to shame. She's also a noted diva, she's a being bathed in glitz and glamour, and so, watching her slay dragons is weird. Really weird.

8 / 10

Escaped Llamas

On February 26, 2015, an amazing thing happened. Two llamas, a black and white llama, escaped from a zoo in Sun City, Ariz. It took hours to wrangle them and return them to their place of residence. You can just picture the thousands of Twitter jokes now, right?

9 / 10

The Dress

Is it blue and black? Is it white and gold? Where does the sun go at night? What's the meaning of life? We may never know.

10 / 10

Miley, What's Good?

Back in August, Miley Cyrus spoke ill of Nicki Minaj in a New York Times interview. The Queen of the Barbz won Best Hip Hop Video at the 2015 Video Music Awards and used the platform for revenge. At the end of her speech she retorted, "Back to this bitch who had a lot to say about me the other day in the press...Miley, what's good?," birthing the greatest call-out phrase of all time ever. What's good?

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