December 16, 2015


Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea's "Pretty Girls" Wins Fuse's Top 40, Named No. 1 Video of 2015

You guys did it! Once again fans of all the artists in this year's Top 40 of 2015 showed up in full force to vote for our No. 1 video of the year. We heard you loud and clear, Britney and Iggy fans. After millions of votes cast, pushing your girls through all six rounds, Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's "Pretty Girls" is officially Fuse's No. 1 video of 2015!

When Round 1 polls launched in November there were 39 other huge videos competing for the title. A few weeks later, three "wildcards" came back in Round 4 for a second shot at the top. Clearly, this victory was no easy feat for Brit and Iggy fans, so here's to you!

In honor of Brit & Iggy's Top 40 triumph, let's look back at their journey to the top:

In Round 1 "Pretty Girls" was up against Rihanna's hit video "Bitch Better Have My Money" and seemed to rush past her. In Round 2 Brit and Iggy went head-to-head with the one and only Queen Bey's fun "7/11" video. The BeyHive definitely put up a good fight, but alas, "Pretty Girls" took the round and moved on.

We hate to say it, but "Pretty Girls" steamrolled right over Selena Gomez's "Good For You" in Round 3, moving right along to Round 4, where she battled a just-returned wildcard, Lady Gaga's moving "Til It Happens To You" video. It was a good battle but the Little Monsters took the loss. Next up was Round 5 where Brit and Iggy took on the current Queen of Music, Adele. Although Adele's "Hello" was another front runner in this year's Top 40, it was no match for "Pretty Girls."

Round 6, the final matchup, saw "Pretty Girls" take on a serious Top 40 contender, Fuse 2015 Breakout artist Twenty One Pilots' "Stressed Out." TOP's amazing fans consistently rallied, passionately fighting their way to the final round, knocking out every challenger throughout Top 40. "Stressed Out" was leading early on in Round 6, then both videos were neck-and-neck for awhile. In the end, the Skeleton Clique's dedicated and impressive efforts were just not enough to overcome the "Pretty Girls" reign.

This is Britney Spears' third time winning Fuse's Top 40. Brit's "I Wanna Go" was crowned No. 1 in our Top 40 of 2011, and her "Circus" video took the top spot in our Top 40 of 2009 poll. This is Iggy Azalea's first time winning Top 40. Thank you to ALL the amazing fans who voted their asses off in every round of this year's Top 40 – Your love and dedication for your favorite artists did not go unnoticed!

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