December 3, 2015


Twenty One Pilots' Albums, Ranked

#1Vessel (2013)

Start with the best, forget all the rest, right? Just joshing: each Twenty One Pilots has individual merit, but 2013's Vessel is by far the best. It's a complicated project, but is never overly chaotic, and plays to the dynamic duo's core strengths. The Daft Punk-esque intro of "Migraine," which leads into a Eminem-esque rap about self-deprecation, is especially memorable--and highlights the sort of layered songwriting Tyler Joseph excels at.

"Fake You Out" feels like a Killers tune with a purposeful-youth tinge; there's that pulsing beat on the bridge, and the immediacy they flirt with on other releases but comes full circle on Vessel. Meanwhile, "Guns For Hands" might be their best single to date. It's catchy and highlights their political motive, but most importantly, it's an electronic song that operates like a rock one and recalls the days of pre-huge Fall Out Boy: Music the "scene" can rally behind, and sounds the mainstream can adopt.

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