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Ultimate Workout Playlist: 20 Songs To Help You Get Fit

Get in shape with this fresh batch of high-energy pump-up tunes

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Avicii, "Broken Arrows"

Take the same feeling from Avicii's now-classic gym joint "Wake Me Up," increase the synthesizers and excitement tenfold and you've got a perfect new gym song. The producer's "Broken Arrows" starts soft, which will ease you into your workout, before exploding into a storm of warm synths on the breakdown. Start with this song, and there's no stopping you.

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Demi Lovato, "Confident"

Demi's self-empowerment anthem gives you all the motivation you'll need to kick off a workout right. Let lines like "So you say I'm complicated/That I must be outta my mind/But you had me underrated" prove that you can add an extra five pounds to your set or push your run on another five minutes.

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Nick Jonas, "Levels"

Flip Jonas' dirty metaphor for "Levels" into pushing yourself to the next level of fitness.

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Hailee Steinfeld, "Love Myself"

Be sure not to lose the whole point of working out: to make YOU better. Hailee Steinfeld's self-love anthem puts everything into focus over an addictive tribal beat.

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Walk the Moon, "Shut Up and Dance"

Fun tip: Smiling during a workout can actually reduce a lot of the fatigue and pain you're feeling while exercising. We suggest Walk the Moon's euphoric hit to help you show off those pearly whites—it's just too happy not to smile and sing along with!

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Calvin Harris & Haim, "Pray to God"

Trust that this mix of rock and EDM will set a fire in you—just wait for the breakdown.

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Ciara, "One Woman Army"

Woman, man, or anything in between, Ciara's banger about doing it on your own will ignite you during a run...especially with the military-march hook that will make you run just a little bit faster, if just to keep up with the beat.

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Fall Out Boy, "Uma Thurman"

Fall Out Boy has successfully transitioned from pop-punk favorites to arena-ready rock act. Their smash "Uma Thurman" is their most ferocious offering, with Patrick Stump's soaring vocal performance over the racing production (and how fun is that Munsters sample?).

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Zedd & Selena Gomez, "I Want You to Know"

The duo's euphoric EDM jam has uplifting lyrics to momentarily distract you from how hard you're breathing/sweating. 

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Tinashe, "Player"

Let Tinashe's metaphor of her need to beat the "Player" in her relationship be the inspiration for you to come out on top and feel accomplished after your workout. We suggest using this slow-building track on a weight machine you're comfortable with, where you can start with a lower weight; by the time the final explosive chorus hits, you'll be pumped up enough to add an additional five or 10 pounds!

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OMI, "Hula Hoop"

OMI's "Cheerleader" was a must-have for your 2015 workout playlist, but its follow-up is even more smile-inducing.

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Icona Pop, "Ready for the Weeknd"

Whether it's the stampede of glitchy synths or Icona Pop's encouraging chants, the short-and-sweet "Ready for the Weekend" is guaranteed to give you an extra jolt during your workout.

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Maluma & Fifth Harmony, "Sin Contrato"

The must-have Latin jam for your workout playlist? Look to rising bachata star Maluma and his collaboration with Fifth Harmony. The Spanglish jam will get your blood pumping, and don't be surprised if you find yourself adding a few hip-shakes in the middle of your workout.

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Missy Elliott, "WTF (Where They From)"

Missy's comeback track is an upbeat slice of quirky hip-hop that's bound to get you moving, whether that's at a dance class or while lifting weights. And if you need some more workout inspiration, just check out the moves in the video for "WTF."

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Becky G, "Break a Sweat"

If the lyrics to Becky G's gym jam don't inspire you ("Baby, break a sweat / Don't get tired yet!"), perhaps its cardio-heavy lyric video will.

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Years & Years, "King"

There's quite a few electro-pop anthems on Years & Years' debut full-length, Communion, but we think the defiant stomper "King" is the best to really get those muscles moving.

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BTS, "Dope"

Sounding like a new-age jock jam, BTS' "Dope" makes it hard-pressed to find a saxobeat that will get you any more pumped up. Fun fact: This song was playing in stadiums during NFL games. Guess they couldn't resist this one, either.

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Twice, "Ooh Ahh"

Don't ask us why, but Twice's "Ooh Ahh" will refresh your mind and inspire you to stay another 30 minutes at the gym. Trust.

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David Guetta, Sia & Fetty Wap, "Bang My Head Against the Wall"

David Guetta is a must-have on any workout playlist, and this Sia/Fetty Wap collaboration is a slow-building banger that soon explodes into a whirlwind of tropical synthesizers.

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99 Souls, "The Girl Is Mine (featuring Destiny's Child & Brandy)

Two of our favorite R&B jams tever, mashed together for a house mix? Yes, please.


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