December 15, 2015


Here's All The Weird Stuff Zayn Malik Has In His Backyard

Last month, The Fader publishedZayn Malik cover story. It was the former One Direction member's first real interview since leaving the band, and perhaps the first real glimpse we've ever been given into the guy's life. One Direction was a manicured institution; Malik's role was one of mystery. Who was he really? Are we about to find out now that he's flying solo?

Weeks later, the publication has shared a behind-the-scenes clip with author Duncan Cooper explaining just what it's like to go to Zayn's home in the U.K. The most interesting detail? All the weird stuff in his backyard. Let's unpack.

Here are all the things behind Malik's home, as described by Cooper:

1.) A bunch of dogs: "He has a little really cute one, then he has a scarier one which is like this Japanese akita which he has very endearingly named Marley, after Bob Marley."
2.) Life-size wooden carvings of Tekken characters: "From the playstation game! It was from an HMV store that had gone out of business when he was in One Direction. All of the guys knew that he loved Tekken for some reason so they bought him these life-size, punching figures."
3.) A pirate-themed bar in a renovated garden shed: "On the inside there's a blood red leather couch, a skeleton like you'd see in a science class except it's smoking and coming out of it's mouth is gray, spray painted cotton balls. There's a bunch of knives on the wall, decorative knives."

Bet your house seems really lame now, huh? Watch the full clip above, then flip through the year in photos: The most memorable 2015 scenes caught on film. Make sure to take our ultimate 1D fan quiz, too!