January 14, 2016


Watch 100 Years of Japanese Beauty, in One Video

From the traditional geisha look to the sub-culture of Harajuku cosplayers we know today, Japan's beauty scene has been both influential and a source of fascination throughout the past century. The fine folks at Cut (who brought us Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time series) have presented the last 100 years of Japanese hair and beauty with their latest video.

Watch above as a model becomes a canvas for a 1910s geisha with power-white skin and ruby-red lips, a 1960s-esque disco queen, and a modern-day baby raver that you'd see prancing around the backstreets of Harajuku.

While the video itself is mesmerizing on first watch, watch a second time to catch all the subtle-yet-fascinating differences in hair and skin tones favored at the time. 

Now, watch Watch 70 years of rock 'n' roll hairvolution below: