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7 Illuminating Quotes From 5 Seconds of Summer's 'Rolling Stone' Story

What's it like hanging out with the 5 Seconds of Summer lads? Let's find out!

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Don't call 'em a boy band, don't call 'em pop-punk

Remember the days when everyone called 5 Seconds of Summer a boy band? Now everyone calls them a pop-punk band, which, bassist Calum Hood tells Rolling Stone, is just as isolating:

"It's just as isolating as being called a boy band, you know, being [called] a pop-punk band. I don't want to make just one type of music. I really want to evolve as a band with our sound. Bands like U2 have songs which are almost completely different genres, and that's what I love."

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One Direction made them want to get in shape

Touring with the fit British boys made 5SOS get on their exercise game, drummer Ashton Irwin explains:

"People think we're fucking teenage pizza eaters, man. We are really self-conscious about the way we look. We exercise a lot, we eat well. People are looking at you and you want to look good. You also want to be confident in yourself. It takes a lot to step up in front of people a lot of the time. We were on tour with [1D] and they worked out a lot. Fuck, I want to look good."

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They have trouble making friends

Especially guitarist Michael Clifford, apparently! 

"I was trying to invite someone to come to the Foo Fighters show and I was like, 'Man, all of my friends are going to want to see Foo Fighters. Who wouldn't?' And then I started inviting people, and I realized I only had, like, four friends who would actually want to come. When you do what we do, it's a lot harder to make friends than people realize."

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Taylor Swift didn't actually block guitarist Michael Clifford's phone number

HOUSTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 09: Taylor Swift The 1989 World Tour Live In Houston at Minute Maid Park on September 9, 2015 in Hous
Bob Levey/Getty Images for TAS

Taylor Swift didn't block Michael Clifford's number, unlike the popular internet legend. He explains:

"I've never seen that many famous people. It was, like, Beyoncé and Jay-Z just sitting there. Then Justin Timberlake walks in and I'm like, 'Wow, what am I doing here?' I said that [Swift block my number] and everyone freaked out. I texted her for a bit one day, and then I just never texted her again. I was like, 'Nice party.' [She said,] 'Yeah, thanks.' 'How are you?' [She's] so ridiculously famous. We can't be friends with people that famous. It doesn't really work." 

Kind of a let down of a story, right?

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Bassist Calum Hood will get naked whenever

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 20: Musician Calum Hood of 5 Seconds of Summer performs onstage during the 2014 iHeartRadio Music F
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

When Calum Hood's dick pic hit the 'net, he felt insecure...for like, a second:

"Some of the comments online would be like, 'I thought it would have been bigger.' It kind of messed me up for a little bit. But I just slowly got over it. I'm a pretty free soul, so being naked isn't like [a big deal]. I'll get naked fucking whenever."

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Halsey bummed them out recently

AUSTIN, TX - OCTOBER 04: Halsey performs during Austin City Limits Festival at Zilker Park on October 4, 2015 in Austin, Texa
Erika Goldring/FilmMagic

The 5SOS guys are close with Halsey, but that doesn't mean they don't have their ups and downs. Apparently they went to a recent gig of her's in Los Angeles, where Hal dissed the folks in the V.I.P. section for not dancing. Irwin wasn't feeling it:

"That felt weird to us. Because we're on the same record label. I just felt bad. I'm like, 'These people worked so fucking hard for you. They invest so much money into getting you out here, they release your music and work hard to get you on the radio. They pay for your private jet to get to the fucking gig from New York. You gotta work well with these people!'" 

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They want to write about current events in a meaningful way

We know Sounds Good Feels Good deals with internal strife: Depression, anxiety, the bleaker sides of human existence. 5SOS hope to continue in that tradition, tackling world events in a serious, honest way. Irwin talked about making music following the Paris attacks:

"We have such a voice; how do you sooth people? I've been thinking of how to do it well. I don't want it to be cheesy. I don't want it to be, just getting on board with it. It needs to be real. I just haven't had the right idea yet. This band is going to write about it. We're going to write about it. Everything is so fucked up at the moment. We have so many young fans that have never experienced anything like this [the Paris attacks] in their life. They have never seen anything like this. It's new to them, so it's up to us to articulate to them because we are the voice of the culture. We are the voice to these people, these young people. We have to get it right, we need to articulate ourselves really fucking well. We'll get it right, man, it just takes some time.”

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