January 28, 2016


Is Azealia Banks Taking Shots at Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ on Twitter?

Taylor Hill/Getty Images
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Maybe we’re reading too much into Azealia Banks’ latest string of vague tweets, but she appears to be subtly taking shots at Rihanna’s just-released new album, ANTI.

“The point of being versatile is not to just throw a bunch of random genres together,” Banks wrote. “There is an art to making a BODY of work. Meaning it needs a head, two legs and two arms, not a big gut and ten legs.”

She then added, “Nice Try.”

Could she be referencing the major album that everyone is talking about today, that took multiple recording sessions to complete and features an array of different musical styles and collaborators? There’s no explicit reference of Rihanna or ANTI, but last month, fans speculated that Banks was criticizing the pop star for letting a rumored collaboration fall by the wayside. “These girls seek me out, ask for my help then get intimidated when they find out how easy it is for me to re-create and re-vamp their sound,” Banks wrote at the time.