January 25, 2016


B.o.B Thinks The Earth is Flat, Won’t Stop Tweeting About It

Paras Griffin/Getty Images
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

A lot of us—most of us?—know that the Earth is round. “Nothin’ On You” rapper B.o.B is not among us.

Two weeks after Tila Tequila started tweeting about how the Earth is flat, B.o.B began doing the same on Sunday night (Jan. 24), taking the tweets into the cold light of day, with facts and figures and theories supporting his claim that NASA has been lying to us all along. Check out some of the highlights below:

And then noted genius Neil deGrasse Tyson messaged B.o.B saying, hey dude, the Earth is super not-flat, calm down:

Will we ever know the truth? (Not about the Earth, we already know that truth, but about why B.o.B is doing this.) In the meantime, click here to check out B.o.B’s new mixtape, Fire.