January 26, 2016


B.o.B Raps About How The Earth is Flat on ‘Flatline’: Listen

In case you were wondering if B.o.B went fully off the deep end after proclaiming that the Earth was flat on Sunday (Jan. 23), the rapper has confirmed it with his new song, “Flatline.” If the tweets and graphs and “facts” weren’t enough, now we have a rap song to tell us that the Earth is, indeed, not round.

“Indoctrinated in a cult called science/And graduated to a club full of liars,” B.o.B raps on the track, which he released late on Monday night. He also drops the bizarre line “Stalin was way worse than Hitler/That’s why the POTUS gotta wear a Kipper,” after, of course, questioning why NASA is in the department of defense.

There's also a shout-out to Holocaust denier David Irving (always a good look, Bobby Ray). Oh, and the song is labeled “feat. Neil Tyson” because it contains some out-of-context sample of a speech by the scientist. This happened after Tyson reached out to B.o.B on Twitter to explain why the Earth isn’t flat.

The round Earth has yet to respond to B.o.B’s diss track.