January 28, 2016


Barbie Introduces New Dolls: See The Tall, Petite & Curvy Models

Barbie (@barbie on twitter)
Barbie (@barbie on twitter)

It's cool to like Barbie now. In September of last year, Mattel introduced a music-centric model wherein our lovely plastic princess had a bunch of opinions about Taylor Swift and shoegaze icons My Bloody Valentine. Today the best-selling doll of all time did one better: The company introduced three new body types. Tall, petite and curvy. 

That's not all: These new sizes will feature a variety of new skin tones and hair textures. Check them out over at Time and above.

You'll have to wait until January 28th to buy the dolls at Barbie.com. They will also become available at retail stores later this year.

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