January 5, 2016


'Baskets': Watch the First Trailer for Zach Galifianakis' Sad Clown Series

It's hard to imagine anyone ever accusing Zach Galifianakis' brand of humor as being clown-like. Which is part of why we're all in on the concept of the deadpan Between Two Ferns host and Hangover beardo playing a clown who's too much of a Galifianakian screw-up to be any good at it. Example: Chip Baskets, the protagonist of the upcoming series Baskets, did go to a French clowning school, but he didn't speak any French. He's got what it takes to perform at a rodeo, but not to avoid getting gored by a bull. And on and on.

Galifanakis die-hards should be happy to see the return, more or less, of his fictional twin brother, Seth. Same guy, different name. It also seems as though Baskets will offer the occasional Big Thought, although steeped in silliness. "This is a real job," Chip tells a fellow sad clown. "We all can't be florists or dishwashers. Some of us have to be artists." 

Baskets, hitting FX on Jan. 21, comes from the minds of Galifianakis, Portlandia and Kroll Show co-creator/director Jonathan Krisel and Louis C.K., whose own FX show helped set a new standard for idiosyncratic, comedian-driven series with an indie cinema vibe.