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11 BIGBANG Songs That Deserve More Love

August 19th marked the K-pop phenoms' 10th year in the industry. Among their packed discography, take a look back at 11 songs that shouldn't fall off your radar

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"Ma Girl" (2006)

The bridge alone makes this Taeyang/G-Dragon/TOP collaboration a must-listen. As the group’s primary rappers, GD and TOP successfully balance out Taeyang’s inner Omarion. Smooth, sexy and bass-heavy,  “Ma Girl” belongs on your best Baby-Making Music playlist.

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"The Next Day" (Seungri Solo) [2006]

Seungri may be the group’s standout dancer, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own on a song. Before “Strong Baby” and V.V.I.P, there was “The Next Day,” a subdued yet noteworthy solo cut included on BIGBANG’s first full-length album. Produced by former funk performer Derek Bramble, the track gives off intense ‘90s Usher vibes.

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"Fool" (2007)

Written and produced by G-Dragon, “Fool” was one of BIGBANG’s earlier ventures into synth-pop. Featuring a heavy dance beat paired with a smooth disco coating, the shibuya-kei-influenced track dropped in the midst of BIGBANG’s transition to a more eclectic, experimental sound. What truly elevates “Fool” is GD’s unexpected falsetto, which still serves as a pleasant surprise.

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"Look Only at Me Pt. 2" (G-Dragon Solo) [2008]

No shade at Taeyang, but G-Dragon’s unofficial follow-up to his bandmate’s debut solo single trumps the original. The addition of GD’s rap verses gives the song an extra edge, and there’s just something about the way he sings, “Girl, girl, giiirl…” at the two-minute mark. It’s a shame that this wasn’t an official release, but it proves how well Taeyang and G-Dragon vibe off of each other’s work.

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"Until Whenever" (2008)

Dedicated to BIGBANG’s fanbase—known as VIPs—around the world, “Until Whenever” was performed during the group’s 2008 Global Warning concert, and was included as a bonus track along with the show's accompanying DVD. A mid-tempo R&B-pop tune penned by G-Dragon, it successfully brings out each member’s distinct sound: From TOP’s signature raspy voice to Daesung’s unmistakable crooning, BIGBANG delivers an unforgettable performance.

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"Top of the World" (2009)

One of the group’s most stellar Japanese releases, “Top of the World” finds G-Dragon sounding even more badass than usual, while Daesung’s high notes give the chorus some extra depth. Don’t be surprised if you start imagining yourself as a secret agent undercover at a Japanese dance club while listening.

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"Hands Up" (2011)

BIGBANG's Alive era was packed with so many huge songs that it's almost understandable that "Hands Up" didn't get the single treatment. The chilled-out chorus and vocal sections from Taeyang and Daesung are juxtaposed by spastic rap verses from GD and TOP that portray the guys' spectrum of cool to crazy.

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"Window" (G-Dragon Solo) [2013]

The Drake-recalling bonus track off G-Dragon's 2013 solo album Coup D'Etat was only included on the physical versions of the leader's second solo release--and it probably spurred a ton of extra sales. A standout for G-Dragon's discography, the star wholly embodies the synth jam's melancholy so believably that the listener feels as if they're looking out the same window he's singing about.

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"Let's Talk About Love" (Seungri Solo ft. G-Dragon & Taeyang) [2013]

Three-fifths of BIGBANG reunited for this standout cut on Seungri's second solo release. While the EP was actually led by the melancholy banger "Gotta Talk To U," this track was undoubtedly in the running for a single. "Let's Talk About Love" is pure fun—you can catch the guys cracking laughs on the record—featuring loads of enjoyable lines to rap along with.

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"Love You to Death" (Taeyang Solo) [2014]

The stunning closing track to Taeyang's excellent solo album Rise embodies the singer's determined spirit (he croons, "Girl, I'm gonna love you... / I'm gonna love you to death") over fiery electronic-R&B production. 

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"Let's Not Fall in Love" (2015)

BIGBANG released eight singles during the summer of 2015, and while lots of people focused on the early (and brilliant) singles like "Loser" and "Bae Bae," along with the bangers like "Bang Bang Bang," this gem was too often overlooked. "Let's Not Fall in Love" is BIGBANG at their most tender, with lush production that evokes a range of emotions. It wasn't the classic kind of emotional hip-hop BIGBANG is famous for, but instead, it found the band at a new depth.

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