January 5, 2016


Billy Corgan Shares Smashing Pumpkins Song For Wrestling Show Theme

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images
Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Big news for those of you out there who dig alternative rock music and wrestling...especially wrestling television featuring alternative rock music. Our main man Billy Corgan has a new job as Senior Producer of Creative and Talent Development at Impact Wrestling. That's right, the Smashing Pumpkin is spending his day watching dudes smash into each other.

IW is making headlines today because apparently Corgan has used a previously unreleased Pumpkins song to soundtrack the show's theme. It's called "Roustabout" and you can hear it here.

It's a bit more aggro than the Smashing Pumpkins tunes we're used to, and it's an instrumental. Weird!

Have fun listening to it, then watch this interview where Corgan compares pop music to porn. You're welcome.