January 4, 2016


See Channing Tatum Prove It's Never Too Late to Lip Sync "Let It Go"

How long ago did Frozen come out, you ask? Two years and one month ago. It won the Oscar in March 2014 and went on to dominate much of the year. 

Then the tides of time washed it away, and nobody told Channing Tatum. Someone probably did, actually, but Channing Tatum would never care. Any avenue toward being adorable and surprising, Channing Tatum will take.

And so it shall be, on Jan. 7 on Lip Sync Battle, that the star of Magic Mike XXL, Foxcatcher, the new 21 Jump Street movies and, duh, Step Up, will perform "Let It Go" under a storm of snowflakes, before a castle, in an impeccably shimmery Elsa dress. We only get a preview for now, but sometimes a preview's all you need. Mr. T(atum) will battle Mrs. Jenna Dewan-Tatum on the episode.