January 11, 2016


Watch Dave Grohl's Powerful Tribute to Lemmy Kilmister

When Motörhead's Lemmy passed away last month, it struck the metal and rock world hard. Even that seems to limit his greatness: Lemmy was a legend when he was on this Earth, and he truly revolutionized heavy music for us all.

This weekend, stars lined up to eulogize the icon at his Los Angeles funeral. Dave Grohl was there, and gave quite the passionate speech, after getting an "Ace of Spades" tattoo to honor Kilmister. You can watch it above.

He recounted meeting Lemmy for the first time in the back of a bar:

“He’s my hero. He’s the one true rock and roller that bridged my love of AC/DC, and Sabbath, and Zeppelin, with my love of GBH, the Ramones, and Black Flag. So I walked up, and said, ‘Excuse me Lemmy, I don’t want to bother you, but you’ve influenced me so much. You’re my musical hero. I’m a musician, I play in the Foo Fighters, and I was in Nirvana.’

He looked up to me from the video game, and the first think he ever said to me, he said, ‘I’m sorry about your friend Kurt.’ In that moment, [he went from being] the whiskey drinking, badass motherfuckin’ rock star, to being this gunslinging, whiskey drinking, badass motherfuckin’ rock star with a heart. And I walked away thinking I may never see him again, but that’s enough for the rest of my life, but then we became friends. It’s one thing when you have a hero, but it’s another thing when your hero becomes your friend.”

A truly incredible moment. Make sure to check out our Motörhead playlist of 10 essential Lemmy tracks.