January 11, 2016


David Bowie Once Called Out MTV For Not Airing Black Artists' Videos

David Bowie was progressive in more than just music and art...we has truly a living myth, a human close to godliness. He was also just a really, really great dude, so it should come as no surprise that, in 1982, he confronted MTV VJ Mark Goodman about the lack of videos by black artists on the channel's roster. (The only surprising thing should be that this was a conversation that needed to be had in 1982 -- which wasn't too long ago.)

Goodman told Bowie, "Listen, if this was a radio station, we’d be a rock station. It wouldn’t make sense for us to play stuff that isn’t in our format.” Bowie responded, "Don’t you think there are black kids in the audience who would like to see some of these videos?”

There's quite a bit of back and forth, which you can read in full or watch above. Learn more about the interview from Goodman's mouth here.

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