January 12, 2016


Demi Lovato Unveils First Makeup Line: See Lovatics By Demi

(via newyorkcolor.com)
(via newyorkcolor.com)

No one knows style like Demi Lovato, right? All pop stars are different, but a lot of them tend to stay true to trends and what works for them (No shade. We can't all be Rihanna, right?) But of the former Disney divas, Lovato's edgy, rock-and-roll style sets her apart. 

It's not all clothing, either. The makeup moves she makes are truly second to none, so when we heard she was launching a cosmetics line for the first time ever, we were super stoked. Introducing Lovatics by Demi for NYC Color.

You can check out the natural to smoky eyeshadow palettes to the daring lip and cheek tints over at Refinery 29 now! And we thought the Courtney LoveNasty Gal line was going to be a game changer...

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