January 13, 2016


Man Booted From Donald Trump Rally For "Trump Likes Nickelback" Sign

People get booted out of Donald Trump rallies all the time, because people are smart and hilarious and love to troll. The latest cause for disruption might be the best. Hear us out here: Some genius was kicked out of an event for holding up a sign that read "TRUMP LIKES NICKELBACK."

1.) That's too freaking funny 2.) It assumes that liking Nickelback is bad, which it actually isn't; I mean, the dudes have some hits. My theory? Nickelback is a Canadian band and Trump is all about 'Murica. The guy should've really rolled in with a "Trumps Like Springsteen" sign and all would've been well.

If this story is too good for you the believe, peep the tweets above and below. Real life journalists saw it go down. Wowee!

While we've got you here, check out our list of most anticipated rock albums of 2016, Nickelback not included.