January 28, 2016


Every Warped Tour Vocalist, Ever: Watch One Guy's Perfect Impression

Pop-punk YouTube sensation Jarrod Alonge is at it again. You might've seen his too-funny-for-words clips "Every Metalcore Vocalist" and "How To Pronounce Band Names." This week he's back with "Every Warped Tour Vocalist," and it might be the best one yet.

He begins the video by introducing himself as the singer for "Sunrise Skater Kids from Baltimore." The jokes are pretty on-point...if you've ever been to the traveling punk-rock summer camp, thing rings true:

"Don't start slacking on me, Warped Tour. I know it's hot but you better give me everything you have. You don't see me letting up, do you? Even though I'm in the shade with three fans pointed at me, I understand your agony. Warped Tour is very accommodating. The bathrooms are really clean."

The best joke arrives at the expense of Underoath fans, with:

"Lots of white people today! Where are all my straight edge youth group bros at? I like your basketball shorts. I like your August Burns Red tank top. It's great to see some quality discipleship in the scene. Good luck with your upper body strength training after church later."

Watch it above. When you're done there, click through our list of bands you didn't know were Christian.