January 4, 2016


K-Pop Group Sistar Appears on 'Family Guy': Watch

K-pop widened its reach to another demographic on Sunday night (Jan. 3) when one of the scene's most colorful music videos appeared on an episode of Family Guy.

For the episode titled "Candy, Quahog Marshmallow," Peter and the gang find out Quagmire has a past as an Asian drama star, and fly to Korea to find the final tape of the series. Once immersed in the culture, the guys are introduced to K-pop girl group Sistar and played a clip of their (very awesome and very addictive) "Touch My Body" video from 2014. They're speechless until Peter chimes in, "What is this? And how can I make the rest of my life about it?"

Jokes aside, Peter & Co. basically embody the reaction most newcomers have to the K-pop scene, with its eye-popping visuals and catchy hooks. If you're K-pop addiction has been ignited, don't worry: We have a ton of great stuff for you.

Watch the clip above and then get into the full "Touch My Body" video—with more than 50 million views to date—below. Then check out the full "Candy, Quahog Marshmellow" Family Guy episode right here.