January 7, 2016


Selena Gomez & Fetty Wap Make Beautiful Music on "Same Old Love" Remix

In 2015, Fetty Wap had a breakout year for the agesSelena Gomez also dropped a sweet album. That's all the setup we needed for the two to join forces on a remix of Selena's "Same Old Love" Top 10 hit single.

It's kiiinda one of those "remixes" where the guest star just does his thing for the first 30-60 seconds, but Fetty does come back toward the end. Good call, too, because his trademark croons sound so good painted on this song's landscape.

Gomez dropped a four-song "Same Old Love" remixes EP with dance-y reworks from Borgore, Filous, Wuki and Romos back in November. She also hit up A$AP Rocky for her first Revival single, "Good for You."