January 28, 2016


Black History Month: Now the Longest Month of the Year

2016 marks both the 90th anniversary of the first Black History Week (yes, it started as just a week) and the official 40th anniversary of its expansion to Black History Month. But this observance deserves to be longer than February, the shortest month of the year. 

Even though 2016 is a leap year, 29 days just isn't enough. So instead of waiting for the calendar to flip over, we're starting the celebration here at Fuse.tv several days early, and we're doing it in a special way: by looking forward.

Each day over the next 33 days, we'll be highlighting *future* black history. We're looking beyond the obvious, established superstars to showcase some of the world's most hugely talented people on the rise, innovating in pop culture right now. These are brilliant black musicians, actors, filmmakers, writers and others—some young and just getting started, others who have just hit their stride—who will be making awesome, inspired, influential art for many years to come.

So ignore the fact that it's technically still January, and come along into the future black history celebration with us now. And be sure to come back to Fuse.tv every day through February 29 as we serve up new profiles, videos and more.

-Jessica Letkemann
Editor-in-Chief of