January 20, 2016


Infinite Dazzle at North American Tour Closer in NYC: Live Review

Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse
Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse

The pandemonium created by Infinite's first New York concert in 2013 led to dozens of fainting fans and a potentially unsafe live environment. Fast forward four year to the group's latest NYC show, and the K-pop boy band's fans are still as wild as ever (if a little more well-behaved). Forget the screaming fans for a second, though: Infinite's show on Tuesday night (Jan. 19) further solidified the group as a must-see live act.

The septet hit the Playstation Theater in Manhattan for the last stop of the North American leg of their Infinite Effect world tour. Supported by a five-piece band (a rarity at K-pop shows), the show kicked off strong: the band opened with early single "BTD (Before the Dawn)," with its famous "scorpion dance" move that sent fans into a tizzy, followed by "Paradise" and "Be Mine." 

Unfortunately, the mix was a bit off during these first few tracks, and even with the backing band, the bass was at times eating up the vocals and more intricate parts of the production. While the sound got slightly better, it was a consistent issue throughout the show, though the group nevertheless found many ways to entertain.

Infinite is known in the K-pop scene for not only promoting themselves as a full group, but for every member promoting in different solo and splinter group projects. After powering through singles like "Destiny" and album cuts like "Walk to Remember," the group took a break to highlight the other shades of the collective. 

That included solo performances from Sunggyu (Infinite's leader who delivered his latest solo single, "Kontrol") and from Woohyun (doing a new song, "Everyday," to which fans raised posters that said a supportive message to the powerhouse vocalist in Korea). Plus, sub-unit performances from Infinite F (members L, Sungjong and Sungyeol sang their songs "Heartthrob" and "My Girl" while adorably throwing stuffed animals into the crowd), with the night's standout unit performance coming from Infinite H (Hoya and Dongwoo's hip hop-focused duo that includes highly stylized choreography and break-dancing).

Other standouts included a passionate performance of "Tic Toc," featuring Woohyun's heartfelt belting; a hard-hitting take on "The Chaser"; a crowd-pleasing performance of "Back," with loads of fan chants; and an extremely cheery rendition of "Nothing's Over," in which Dongwoo got goofy with his band mates and at one point began slapping Hoya's rear. But most impressively, Infinite proved how in-sync they remain with each other, nearly six years into their careers and how team choreography continues to be their foundation.

For K-pop fans, choreography can sometimes be taken for granted, given that nearly every act diligently prepares a memorable dance for live shows. But seeing Infinite live is a reminder of how this group's stage show elevates them: Even if Playstation Theater didn't boast the large stages the septet is used to (during "The Chaser," for example, the group's diagonal line formation didn't fit), Infinite's second world tour should further solidify their place in K-pop. No doubt that, with the boys teasing a return to America (Hoya said goodbye to the crowd with the line, "I promise I will come back for you"), there will be an audience more than willing to watch (and scream) for them.

Look out for upcoming exclusives with Infinite coming to Fuse very soon. In the meantime, check out exclusive live shots from the show below: