January 20, 2016


Jamie Foxx Saves Man From Fiery Car Crash: Watch the Interview

Actor, singer, rapper, comedian, television personality...Jamie Foxx has had a diverse and interesting career. The multi-talented dude can now add "hero" to that list.

Earlier this week, Foxx saved a man from a burning truck in Hidden Valley, California. A 32-year-old by the name of Brett Kyle was speeding, when his truck flipped over and crash-landed directly in front of Foxx's home. He immediately ran outside, called 911 and pulled the man from the wreckage. 

Another man approached the scene with EMT scissors allowing Foxx to pull Kyle out of the windshield and to safety. Foxx told local ABC news, "I grabbed the scissors from him, cut the seatbelt. As we pulled him out, within five seconds later, the truck goes up (in flames)."

You can watch the video interview above. It also features Kyle's dad sharing a heartwarming speech of gratitude. Foxx, you never cease to surprise us.