January 4, 2016


Justin Bieber Gets Temporary Cornrows (Because of Hailey Baldwin)

Justin Bieber (@JustinBieber on Instagram)
Justin Bieber (@JustinBieber on Instagram)

Love makes you behave in mysterious ways, right? Superfans of Justin Bieber know the dude has been friends with model/IT girl Hailey Baldwin for years now, so apparently when she says "Jump," he asks how high.

So goes the tale of the Purpose singer's latest questionable haircut. The guy got cornrows over the weekend, almost instantly regretting his decision. He posted the above shot on Instagram with the caption, "Hailey made me get corn rows like an absolute douche bag, these will be off tomorrow trust me Danny."

Rumors have been circulating that the pair are, in fact, a couple, but who is to say? In the meantime, click through our shirtless stud JB gallery and take the quiz: Is This a Justin Bieber Or One Direction Lyric?