January 8, 2016


Listen to Kanye West's New Song "Real Friends," Plus a Kendrick Collabo Snippet

Kanye West's hypewoman Kim Kardashian let us know on Friday morning that her husband's got new music coming, if hashtags are real life, #EveryFriday. The first one arrived just after 1PM EST on Friday only to immediately vanish due to Kanye being unhappy with the sound quality. And now it's back up! 

"Real Friends" is is ethereal, piano-driven, kinda "Blame Game"-ish and has smooth vocals from Ty Dolla $ign. It's produced by Yeezy, Frank Dukes and Boi 1da with drum programming by Mobb Deep's Havoc. On the back end is a minute-long snippet of "No More Parties in LA," produced by Kanye and Madlib. Kendrick Lamar's on there, too, the first duet between the two super-rappers. (K.Dot did open on the Yeezus Tour though.)

Here's what 'Ye had to say about the track going up and being immediately yanked—he knows you're out there, audio pirates:

If we're really getting new music to kick off every weekend, this basically marks the return of G.O.O.D. Fridays, the weekly series 'Ye kicked off as a build-up to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy back in 2010, shoutout to "See Me Now."

Things were very quiet on the Swish front till Kanye released—again, as pre-hyped by Kim—"FACTS" on New Year's Eve. It was the seventh track we'd gotten to hear from Kanye's upcoming seventh solo album. Hear the rest here, on the Complete Guide to Swish.