January 27, 2016


Why Was Kanye West So Furious with Wiz Khalifa?

Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

For those who missed out on Wednesday afternoon (and can’t revisit since he deleted the tweets), Kanye West went on a long, strange, at-times ugly, most-times epic Twitter takedown of Wiz Khalifa. This got so heated that at one point Kanye posted, “I own your child!!!!” He also called Khalifa “corny as fuck” and insulted the mother of his child, Amber Rose.

So, wait. Why was Kanye so mad at Wiz? Or, here’s the better question: If Kanye had pent-up anger toward Wiz for years (which it seems like), why was Wednesday the day that Mt. Yeezy erupted, perhaps consuming Khalifa’s mega-selling career as a whole?

On Tuesday night (Jan. 26), West took to Twitter to officially change his upcoming album’s title from Swish to Waves. Soon after the announcement, Wiz hopped on Twitter to defend Max B, the incarcerated Harlem rapper whose style is closely associated with the terms “wave” and “wavy.”

“Please don’t take the wave,” Khalifa posted. He also co-signed a tweet that claimed West was “stroking your own ego tryna claim the wave.”

West quickly followed up with this tweet:

And Wiz responded dismissively:

So, obviously some friction there, right? The matter was dropped, though, without Kanye clapping back at Wiz. However, this Khalifa tweet from Wednesday morning seemingly provoked Kanye’s rage:

West misinterpreted “kk” to stand for the initials of his wife, Kim Kardashian-West, when in fact Wiz meant “Khalifa Kush,” or weed. When Kanye thought that Wiz was following up the Max B disagreement with some slander about his wife, the End Of Twitter Days was set in motion.

Worth remembering: Khalifa started dating West’s ex, Amber Rose, in 2011, and the couple welcomed son Sebastian Taylor in 2013. They also married that year, and filed for divorce in 2014.

Since their breakup, West has been vicious in his attack of Rose, including his “30 showers” comment on The Breakfast Club in which he described how long it took to get her stench off prior to dating Kardashian. West also name-checked Wiz on his song “Cold” from 2012, although it was more of a shot at Rose than a co-sign of the Pittsburgh rapper.

Wiz’s Khalifa album arrives on Feb. 5, and Kanye’s Waves is out Feb. 11. At least West now understands what Khalifa meant with that “kk” line: