January 6, 2016


Lady Gaga Launching Intel Partnership with GRAMMY Week "Experience"

Lady Gaga's cooking up something big for the GRAMMYs. During the keynote speech at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Intel revealed a new partnership with the Countess that will include a "unique musical experience" close to the award show.

The tech company's chief executive Brian Krzanich revealed a video (above) that showed Gaga in a swirling cube, where she gave a vague idea of what we can expect come GRAMMY week in February:

"With the arsenal of the world's leading technology at my fingertips. I now have the ability to invent the uninventable. Rebranding into its future, Intel has enlisted Haus of Gaga to collaborate on a project that will showcase technology through creativity at the highest level Our partnership will culminate in a performance that inspires to remind the world of the seed of innovation."

Though an accompanying press release adds, "While Lady Gaga will not perform new material as part of the program, she promises to deliver an experience not to be forgotten," it's not clear what exactly this will be. Is it a performance during the show? Will they buy an entire commercial break a la Target and Imagine Dragons last year? Her new single?!

With her career back on track and what's clearly a resurgence of fresh creativity seen in new projects with American Horror Story and Tom Ford, we expect this to be major.