January 7, 2016


'Lost' Co-Creator "Befuddled" at Netflix's Shortened Finale [Update]


Is Lost's series finale controversial? You bet your DHARMA Initiative mug it is. Does it deserve to get mangled by the generally wonderful streaming service known as Netflix? No. A thousand times no.

A recent Reddit thread has been discussing the nearly 20-minute abbreviated conclusion, edited in seemingly random fashion and in a way that notably detracts from the finale's construction. "The End" is hosted as two 43-minute episodes; ABC aired the 2010 sendoff as a single 104-minute installment.

Entertainment Weekly got in touch with co-creator and co-showrunner Damon Lindelof, whose statement leads with, “I am totally befuddled by all this. Love it or hate it, the finale that aired is the definitive finale and to alter it in any way defies explanation." 

He admits he's unsure if it's Netflix's own doing or if they were sent a trimmed-for-reruns edit from the network. "We usually left these (painful) cuts to the discretion of our editors... but as the show lives on in DVD form and on Netflix, there is ZERO reason to have the shorter version out there," says Lindelof, who has been besieged with haters since the show wrapped its six-season run.

EW is waiting for comment from ABC Studios and Netflix; they hear "Netflix’s policy is that they only show the cut they receive from the rights-holder." The Reddit detectives also claim to have seen the original version on Netflix before. (As does this writer, although it's been awhile.) "This is a fix that needs to happen," Lindelof says, "so at least people can love or hate it in its entirety."

Update: Netflix has responded and are planning to remedy the issue.