January 28, 2016


Mexico City Women Use Punk & Confetti Guns To Fight Street Harassment

There's nothing quite like seeking revenge on those who've wrong you, and three women in Mexico City are doing it better than anyone else. Meet "Las Hijas De Violencia,” ("The Daughters of Violence,") your new feminist heroes.

In the above clip from AJ+, we see the three ladies take sexual harassment head-on: Whenever they are catcalled, they respond by launching into a punk song and shooting said perpetrator in the face with a confetti cannon.  

Ana Karen of the group explains, "When we we are walking down the streets and someone harasses us in anyway, we run after this person. We grab our confetti guns, we shoot once, we turn on the speakers and we sing 'Sexista Punk' [a punk rock song.]" 

Ana Beatriz adds, "We must respond. If, with us responding, we can encourage more women to do the same, it’s ideal. We certainly don’t think we are going to change the world, but we sure know that we’ve changed ours.”

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