January 8, 2016


Metal Band Municipal Waste Sells Gory Anti-Donald Trump T-Shirt

(via jsrdirect.com/bands/municipalwaste)
(via jsrdirect.com/bands/municipalwaste)

So, if you're a living, breathing human being over a certain age (the age being infancy) you know bijillionaire Donald Trump is running for President. The dude is pretty wackadoodle, so people have been pretty open and honest about their distaste for the guy. 

Today we've reached peak hate, via Virginia trash metal band Municipal Waste. Their latest shirt is, well, pretty graphic. Check it out above.

On the front we see Mr. Trump blowing his brains out, on the back, a joke at the expense of his racist anti-immigration policy: "The only walls we build are walls of death." Pretty interesting stuff.

You can pick one up here. In the meantime, take our quiz: Is This A Horror Movie Character or Metal Musician?