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11 Oscar Isaac GIFS That Make Us Thirsty AF

The 'Star Wars' hunk makes us weak at the knees. Here's why!

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When he gave the perfect interview answer

Our dream man was asked who would play him in the story of his life and he said Cate Blanchett, because he's amazing and traditional gender roles ain't shit.

(Embed: Helluvadameron)

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When he made crying a turn on

Expressing emotions in a healthy manner is obviously a turn-on, and no one cries better than Isaac. Kim Kardashian could learn a thing or two from his book.

(Embed: Elithewhoe)

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When he did this eyebrow thing

If anyone else did this, it would be creepy as hell. Oscar makes it werk.

(Emebd: Majoehoi)

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When he was genuinely stoked to win a Golden Globe

Have you ever seen a dreamier person so stoked to win? Taylor Swift excluded, of course. 

(Embed: Helluvadameron)

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When he did whatever nerdy thing is happening here

Imagine having a secret handshake with Oscar. Imagine it! You'd touch hands and everything.

(Embed: Acuancuan)

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When we learned he's not very good at Pictionary

No one will ever suck in a cuter way. Ever.

(Embed: BarneseBastian)

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When he puckered his lips

Are you looking at this? Are we even alive anymore? WHAT IS HAPPENING.

(Embed: WhenTheSmokeIsGoingDown)

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When he was a "Star Wars" hero

We still ship Po and Finn both on screen and off, but also, how hot is Oscar in that suit? Are we nerds now?

(Embed: Imkylotrash)

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When he made us so freaking jealous of this woman

This is obviously the best moment of her life; if only we could be so lucky. Like, how could you ever kiss someone else again? 

(Embed: CoolFayeBunny)

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When he said "Hola"

Have you ever swooned at someone literally greeting you? Not even greeting you; it's a freaking GIF of someone greeting someone else. That's the power of the O-man.

(Embed: Rumplestiltskin)

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And whatever this is!


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