January 22, 2016


Paulina Rubio Drops Two Versions & Two Videos for "Si Te Vas" Single

Paulina Rubio is ensuring there's a little something for everyone with her new "Si Te Vas" ("If You Go" in English).

The Mexican pop diva revealed two versions and two videos for her latest release. The original version of "Si Te Vas" boasts the Latin pop-rock sound Rubio's been favoring for the past few years, but there's some bachata bongos peppered into the chorus for a refreshing musical embellishment.

The former X Factor judge also released a Reggaeton version of her new single, featuring Puerto Rico's Alexis y Fido rapping and crooning alongside Rubio over the new, sexier beat. The two versions are a smart move for Rubio: she satisfies her core fanbase with the pop-leaning track, but also taps into the once-again-super-hot reggaeton genre with this new mix.

"Si Te Vas" was revealed alongside two wild music videos that find Paulina falling in love with a man she painted on a canvas and believes is real. Among the bizarre love storyline, there are shots of Rubio rollerblading around her mansion, as well as female dancers dunking their hair in paint buckets and whipping the paint at Paulina. Longtime fans know (and love) the singer's out-there personality, so this music video is actually perfect.