January 25, 2016


Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ Appears To Finally Be Done

Rihanna (@rihanna on Twitter)
Rihanna (@rihanna on Twitter)

At long last, it looks like there are some clear-cut indications that ANTIRihanna’s first album since 2012, is complete.

On Sunday night (Jan. 24), the hashtag #ANTIisfinishedparty began trending worldwide on Twitter after some social media sleuths noticed that the pop superstar was liking posts on Instagram and Twitter celebrating the completion of the Unapologetic follow-up. The subtle move was an indication to fans that the album, which has been teased for months with the #ANTIdiaRy campaign, was finished.

Then, Rihanna posted this on Monday morning:

That’s a pretty strong indication/encouraging start to the week, right? Although no release date has been set, Rihanna’s ANTI world tour officially kicks off on Feb. 26 in San Diego.