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Meet the Cast of Fuse's New Series 'Saturday Morning Fever'

Philly's finest performers are ready to show you their crazy world of drama and competition. Meet each member of the crew right here

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"I love the fact that [Dancin' On Air] is in Philly—representing the East Coast!"

Dancer and show co-host DeAnna was basically born for Dancin' On Air. She's dreamed of stardom since singing TLC and Spice Girls songs as a little girl, and her sweet personality instantly captures audiences.

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"When the music's not there, it's like...well, just keep walking."

Ian is a multitalented singer/songwriter and dancer who excels at taking what's "rhythmically boring" and jazzing it up. Always full of heart, Ian puts 110% into his work and likes to keep people guessing.

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"I'm a sweet bitch. I say it how it is."

Not one to mince words, Marissa is passionate and opinionated. A talented dancer who would "speak songs instead of words" as a baby, she prides herself for being unique and wants nothing more than to find happiness through dance.

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"I try to inspire. I try to light a fire under people. I wanna be a one-man revolution."

Rogelio, or "Ro Ro Rogelio," just can't seem to stop moving his feet. He started dancing in middle school—by trying to impress a few ladies—and hasn't stopped since. Rogelio is here to show the world just how "unfazeable" he is.

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"I stay true to who I am, and if you're yourself the whole time, there's not gonna be a problem."

Tina's first Dancin' On Air performance may have been a bit rocky, but the singer and dancer's confidence hasn't faltered. After kickstarting her career at an early age, she plans to keep going until she's on a walker.

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"Everyone has their own way of dancing or portraying dance. Me? It's almost as if I'm creating the beat with the movement."

Dance extraordinaire Jesse has been moving his feet since age five, grabbing his crotch and spinning like he's Michael Jackson. After a two-year stint as background dancer, he snagged the role of Dancin' On Air co-host.

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"I don't dance. I host."

Show host and radio DJ Casey juggles the chaotic and stressful atmosphere of Dancin' On Air with as much poise as she can. Often frustrated with the show's lack of organization, Casey manages to get things done on a tight schedule.

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Catch Fuse's new series Saturday Morning Fever starting tonight at 11/10c! Be sure to also follow Fuse TV on Twitter for live updates of #SMFonFuse.

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