January 6, 2016


Here's 'Sesame Street' as 'True Detective': Thanks, Jimmy Kimmel!

After 45 years on PBS, Sesame Street is heading to HBO this month. It's not a total travesty and miscarriage of justice, as the episodes will migrate to PBS (...nine months later).

The thing that would really save this weird switch-up, though, would be Jim Henson's brainchild merging with the twisted world of Nic Pizzolatto. Jimmy Kimmel knows it, and his show proved it with a Sesame Street/True Detective mashup.

Yes, that's Big Bird as Woody Harrelson's rageaholic Marty Hart and Oscar the Grouch as Matthew McConaughey's misanthropic philosopher cop Rust Cohle. "I think the honorable thing for our species to do is stop reproducing," Oscar mutters, his family-friendly surliness sinking to new depths. "Walk hand in hand into extinction." Rich stuff.

In December, Jimmy Kimmel Live! imagined Sesame Street as a Game of Thrones tie-in: