January 11, 2016


Squeeze Criticize U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron...In Front of Him

British rockers Squeeze hit the Andrew Marr Show, a political series on BBC One, on Sunday. In attendance as an interviewee: Prime Minister David Cameron. In the lyrics of the song Squeeze performed: Criticism of Prime Minister David Cameron.

According to the Guardian, singer Glenn Tilbrook changed the last verse of a new song, "Cradle to the Grave," to comment on one of the Conservative leader's controversial causes, demolishing 100 of the country's low-income housing areas. The Prime Minister was seated onstage, feet away from the band.

The amended lyrics to the title track off the band's 13th album went like this:

"I grew up in council housing
Part of what made Britain great
There are some here who are hellbent
On the destruction of the welfare state"

Cameron reacted with applause. Maybe he didn't get it.