January 23, 2016


Steven Tyler Demonstrates Mic Stylings to Stephen Colbert: Watch

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler may have rock's finest microphone game. Over four decades, he's built a repertoire of classic stage moves with his scarf-draped stand, dipping and swiveling as if it's an extra appendage. On Friday, the frontman dropped by The Late Show, where he taught some of that magic to host Stephen Colbert.

"This is my girlfriend that I live vicariously through on-stage," Tyler says in the clip, hauling his stand out to center stage. "I feel like I'm slightly underdressed for this microphone stand right now," Colbert responds. "How do you rock out with a mic? Because I sometimes have to sing with a mic and I don't know what to do. I don't know whether to be rough with it, I don't know whether to treat it like a lady. How do I approach the mic in a way that I can have a relationship with it?"

Tyler explains there are certain moments where you approach the mic and caress it sweetly and others where you shimmy it with intensity. "Possessed by the spirit of Steven Tyler," Colbert eventually breaks away from the demonstration for his own rock god moment, belting a bit of "Dream On."

The bit called attention to Tyler's charitable initiative Janie's Fund – named for Aerosmith's 1989 hit "Janie's Got a Gun" – which offers "a big voice for abused girls." Elsewhere in his appearance, Tyler discussed his latest country single, "Red, White, and You."