January 25, 2016


10 TV Shows That Turn 10 in 2016


2006 brought us High School Musicalthe end of Pluto and The CW—born from the merger of UPN and The WB. It was also the year that saw the end of The West Wing, Charmed, The Bernie Mac Show and As Told by Ginger. And it was 10 years ago that we lost TV icons Don Knotts and Aaron Spelling. 

As all that came to an end, there was a new class of TV titans beginning to emerge; shows that are turning 10 in 2016.


Michael C. Hall has been busy with indies, voice-acting and a turn on Broadway as the lead in Hedwig and the Angry Inch since his Showtime series ended in 2013. But to us, he will always be Dexter Morgan, Miami’s disturbingly lovable blood-spatter analyst and serial killer who kills serial killers. The eight-season series brought in record-breaking audiences, multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, and a whole lot of questions. Most importantly: HOW are there so many serial killers to kill in Miami? After almost 100 episodes, it was getting a little ridiculous.

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