January 14, 2016


Inside Twenty One Pilots' 'Rolling Stone' Feature: 6 Things We Learned

#1Tyler Joseph's mom has always been highly supportive...

Twenty One Pilots had their parent's blessing from the very get go, as we learn in their new Rolling Stone feature. It reads:

"Joseph used to drive door-to-door hand-delivering tickets for club shows. When that grew too time-consuming, he and drummer Josh Dun would have fans meet them at a table outside the Chick-Fil-A in the Polaris mall's food court. On show days, Joseph's mom would stand outside the club and try to hawk tickets to passing Ohio State students. 'She'd be like, 'Come see my son play music,'' recalls Joseph, who's 27 but could pass for a teenager, with a puppyish, Joseph Gordon-Levitt vibe that turns into something stranger and more intense onstage."

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