January 19, 2016


Watch Teens Hilariously React to Panic! at the Disco

The Tuesday after Martin Luther King Jr. Day can really feel like a Monday. We've got the thing to cheer you up--teens! No, seriously.

In the YouTube series Teens React by Fine Brothers Entertainment, a group of awesome adolescents get together to view or listen to something and share their feelings on the given topic. They're never told what or who the thing will be so, you know, it's actually legit. In this weekend's episode, kids responded to Panic! at the Disco.

Considering that it has been a literal decade since A Fever You Can't Sweat Out dropped (including the single that made the band, "I Write Sins Not Tragedies,") it was really interesting that the kids not only knew of the band, but some of them considered Panic! to be their favorite artist. 

With that knowledge, we're sure their latest release, the Brendon Urie-solo project of Death of A Bachelor, will do pretty well.

Watch the clip, then flip through our list of 8 things you didn't know about the band and their 10 best non-singles.