January 28, 2016


Wiz Khalifa Shouts "F--k Kanye" at Argentina Concert

After Wiz Khalifa expressed some saltiness about Kanye West's new album title, WAVES, Yeezy went to town on Twitter on Wednesday, airing Wiz out for two hours. Wiz tweeted two quick, targeted responses early on, then stayed silent, then popped up again to...give his fans the pertinent info for his Argentina concert that night.

At the show, exactly what you knew was going to happen happened. During "Taylor Gang," one of Wiz's biggest signature live songs, the 28-year-old took a sec to shout that battle cry sounded by haters the world over: "Fuck Kanye!" Check out the video above.

Back in October, the frontman of metal act Five Finger Death Punch rang the "fuck Kanye!" bell himself, leading its audience in a chant.

Relive Kanye v. Wiz in its entirety right here, and dig into why the hell 'Ye was so mad over here. They both have albums on the way; Khalifa on Feb. 5, WAVES on Feb. 11.