January 20, 2016


Check Out the First 'Wonder Woman' Movie Footage

If you've been to the movies (or around the internet) lately, you may have seen a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that ends with a Wonder Woman mic drop. She shows up, Supes and the Caped Crusader are clueless and wowed, the audience frantically googles "Wonder Woman movie."

Turns out it's due in June 2017. Nine years after Iron Man kicked off the current, possibly endless superhero movie craze, we're getting one about a female superhero. And the first glimpse of the solo film—not the appearance in Superman v Batman—is here.

Wonder Woman's looking Zack Snyder–ishly dark and color-sapped, despite being directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster). It'll also feature a retro flair, with at least part of the story being set in World War I. Israel's Gal Godot (the last four Fast and the Furious movies) is in the lead, while Robin Wright and Chris Pine will also appear.