January 13, 2016


Ethiopian Students Practice English By Singing "Smells Like Teen Spirit": Watch

"Peace Corps Volunteer Matt Westerberg uses this classic '90s anthem to help create an active and encouraging environment for kids to practice their English, a skill necessary for attaining a college education," reads the caption on our favorite new YouTube video. The students of Yechila Secondary School made the clip a birthday wish for Dave Grohl (Nirvana's drummer, little-known fact), who turns 46 on Thursday (Jan. 14). 

The smiley singing close-ups are intercut with enthusiastic air drums, killer gymnastics, local scenery and hella goats. When the Yechila Secondary kids go HAM at the 1:20-mark, we dare you not to lose your shit in solidarity.

Consequence of Sound notes that Westerberg taught his students Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow” back in September. “At first it was all just a joke, but after awhile, the students began to really build confidence through learning the song,” Westerberg told Alternative Nation at the time. “Kids that were shy and quiet all year were suddenly more confident speaking up in class and loved participating in the song.” 

Here's that one: